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Great Life Fitness Introduces Vibe Ride - Our E-Bikes and Electric Scooters Division

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Date Posted: June 14, 2022

We have recently partnered with Rover, an e-Bike and e-Scooter manufacturer, to launch an extension of our brand - Vibe Ride.

After decades of offering quality products and elite customer service, Great Life Fitness has expanded into other areas within the health and wellness sector. Our top priority has always been to promote an affordable and active lifestyle, and we have kept that in mind with our latest venture.


Vibe Ride shares the same mission and core principles as Great Life Fitness while diversifying the ways our clients can obtain their fitness goals. We offer eco-friendly and efficient e-bikes that provide the same high-intensity training that you are used to on your standard bike with a little added assistance when needed. With easy to use features, charging capability, and the ability to go further than ever before, there is no longer an excuse to avoid the outdoors.

You are one step away from starting a never ending adventure. Keep riding, keep vibing.

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