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The Proper Weight Training – Great Life Fitness

Date Posted: September 28, 2017

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We all know lifting weight can improve our strength. Moreover, studies have related lifting with a better heart function and a healthier brain. It is essential to know that as per a research study, published in The Journal of The American Geriatrics Society, lifting weights affected the development of age-related holes or lesions in our brain’s white matter, the material responsible for connecting and passing messages across the different brain regions. Thus, lifting weights can have a positive impact on the brain and would lead to sustained brain and memory function.

The basic training usually begins with dumbbell plates. Training with dumbbells provides a variety of advantages and thus, it is essential to look at the modern day advantages before purchasing the correct set of weight and dumbbell plates online.

Let’s start with some practical advantages of training with dumbbells – that is low cost and adaptability in comparison with other modes of training. Most exercise machines are expensive and can be used to perform only one exercise.

Dumbbells, on the other hand, provide a huge range of exercises. And nearly all barbell exercises can be performed with dumbbells.

Another benefit of dumbbell training over machine training is that most machines do not lend themselves well to explosive training. Dumbbells are well suited for explosive training and hence, are preferred by most athletes to train and warm up.

Along with all the advantages and less space requirement for exercising with dumbbells, there is a major theory that says working with two different independent implements involves more complex motor activity of the brain, than controlling a barbell with both arms simultaneously.