Myofascial Release Poster

Price: $24.95

Manufacturer: Productive Fitness

This fitness poster provides detailed exercises to assist in soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle pain. Myofascial release exercises help to work muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and improve stretching. Moreover, this chart offers the tips you need to improve your health and your exercise performance.

  • Our posters are designed and created by fitness experts with University degrees in exercise physiology and human kinetics.
  • We put a lot of thought into providing safe, efficient exercises while also educating users on proper exercise technique and terminology.
  • In order for the images to be precise, we only use personal trainers or aspiring exercise physiologists who have an understanding of proper body positioning (proprioception) to be fitness models. Experience has told us you cannot replicate proper form using non-fitness models.
  • Posters are printed on 100 lb gloss paper and then laminated for durability.

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