Battle Rope Poster

Price: $24.95

Manufacturer: Productive Fitness

This poster has easy-to-follow instructions for each exercise along with descriptive photos for 11 different exercises. A list of options are included that will make each workout unique, fun and functional. Instructions are included on how to stabilize your torso; this is a key safety factor in the performance of any the exercise and even in everyday tasks. There are also instructions on how to grip the rope.

Used in high-intensity training, battle ropes are ideal for full body workouts that maximize the fat-burning ability of your body, as well as tone and condition at the same time. You can find battle ropes in almost any gym, fitness club or other exercise workout establishment today. They have become an integral part of the fitness industry landscape. Having a poster/chart on display gives users a multitude of training options when using the battle rope. This brilliant full-color, 24 x 36 inch laminated poster by Productive Fitness will look great on your wall.

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