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Resistance Tubing Exercises Posters (2–Single or Set)

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Manufacturer: Productive Fitness

All exercises are clearly explained with step-by-step instructions and descriptive photos. Laminated and 24” x 36”.

Lightweight tubing or bands are ideal for travel, because they can be quickly thrown into a travel bag. Protection of the spine during exercise is important, which is why all Productive Fitness posters teach how to attain and maintain proper torso stabilization while exercising.

Resistance Tubing: Shoulders/Rotator Cuff & Core

Resistance tubing is a wonderful tool to exercise different parts of your body, including your shoulders, rotator cuff and core. These exercises will strengthen your upper body and you’ll have fun doing them. 

Resistance Tubing: Back/Legs/Biceps/Chest & Triceps

Resistance tubing is designed to exercise your whole body, including your back, legs, biceps, chest and triceps.


Price shown is for the set. Each available separately for $24.95.

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