Powertec 390lb Olympic plate set with Olympic Bar

Price: $1092.00

Manufacturer: Powertec

Pre order available ! ETA is 1 - 2 weeks from date of order


This 7-foot bar is one of the most popular international bars on the market. Precision engineered for balance and long lasting performance. Designed with medium depth diamond knurled surface and sleeves that swivel on extremely smooth bearing.

OLYMPIC Plate 345LBS Set

Powertec’s 345lbs cast iron Olympic weight plates incorporate easy to carry handles for increased safety and ease of use. Each of the 16 plates, are finished in a rust resistant Jet Black coating with Powertec Yellow font. The innovative, patent pending design allows the weight of each plate to remain visible even when stacked. The increased visibility makes it easier to keep track of your weight load.


Dimension: 86 inches long (7’) Olympic Bar

Weight: 45 pounds

16 Jet Black iron olympic weight plates

(total weight of 345lbs).

2 x 2.5lbs

4 x 5lbs

2 x 10lbs

2 x 25lbs

2 x 35lbs

4 x 45lbs

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