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Reebok Professional Aerobic Bench

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Manufacturer: Reebok

  • Internal storage compartment for weights and resistance tubes (not included)
  • Incline/decline/flat has 3 position angle support
  • Clips to attach resistance tubes for a varied workout
  • 2 height positions; User weight limit is 330 pounds
  • Non slip textured rubber surface

Three positions to transform every workout

Choice of two heights

With two heights to choose from (7.87in or 14in), you can step, jump and lunge your way to improved aerobic fitness - or perform traditional flat workout bench strength exercises.

Create an incline workout bench

With a simple adjustment of the Deck's secure 'lid', you have yourself an incline workout bench which is an ideal position for those exercises which build the upper chest, such as flys and presses.

Clip in feet to decline the Deck

Easily fold and lock one of the Deck's feet into place to focus on decline exercises such as crunches or standing rows with a resistance band placed inside one of the clips.


4 Power Deck Moves

Front Raise

A signature move which makes the most of the Deck and resistance tube combo. Either standing or seated with the tube under the Deck's feet, the front raise strengthens the front of the upper body; the chest, traps muscles and anterior delts.

Low Row

Attach the resistance tube and get seated on the floor with your feet propped up on the Deck in front. Pull your elbows back to target your back muscles and strengthen your shoulders simultaneously.

Tricep Dip

Bench dips are considered one of the top three exercises for strengthening your triceps. Thanks to the Deck's rubber grip feet, it isn't going anywhere during this bodyweight move.

Bulgarian Split Squat

Sometimes referred to as the 'rear foot elevated split squat', this is the ultimate glute and leg muscle building compound move. Add weight once you've perfected your form.


Grippy Surface and Feet

With rubber feet and a textured 'bubble' surface, the Reebok Deck provides trustworthy traction throughout your entire workout.

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