O2MT Oxygen/Nitrogen High Altitude Training System

Manufacturer: Promolife

Multi-step therapy is an enhanced version of Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT).

This allows the user to switch between oxygen-rich gas (~95% oxygen) to a lower concentration oxygen gas. This is similar to exercising at an altitude of 12,000 feet (~13% oxygen). By alternating between high and low oxygen concentrations, you’re able to simulate a high-altitude workout in short bursts (30 seconds).

This accomplishes two important benefits that standard EWOT will not. The first is that by switching to hypoxic (low-oxygen environment) levels, your circulatory and respiratory systems are forced to work harder, and this allows deep absorption and penetration throughout the body. The second important benefit is that by switching back to the high-oxygen reservoir, you will rapidly speed up the oxygen absorption rate and increase the solubility of oxygen into the blood.

How does this work?

A refurbished specialized oxygen concentrator allows filtered nitrogen-rich air to be captured in a smaller reservoir bag while oxygen is captured in the larger EWOT bag. Having two bags allows you to quickly switch from the high-oxygen levels in the main bag to the low-oxygen contained in the smaller bag.

Why is this an enhanced version of EWOT?

In lower oxygen environments the body will naturally produce more carbon dioxide. As a result of the carbon dioxide increase in the blood, the body absorbs more oxygen to compensate for being in a hypoxic environment. By switching from low oxygen to high, you are basically flipping a switch to ensure higher oxygen absorption. By exercising, highly saturated oxygenated blood is driven throughout the circulatory system and deep into tissues that aren’t receiving adequate blood oxygen levels. This is an improvement over traditional EWOT because you are harnessing the body’s natural tendency to compensate for lowered oxygen levels. It allows you to get the maximum blood oxygen absorption possible.

The power behind the O2MT: the Switchbox

Our switch box makes it easy to use this system, controlling both bags. The box is equipped with a simple button switch. When you're ready for lower oxygen levels, hold the button down. When you're done, release it to go back to high purity oxygen. This method is much simpler than bulky manual versions that can require both hands.



The O2MT Upgrade for EWOT is for those who already have an EWOTpro System. This includes the O2MT bag, tubing, refurbished specialty oxygen/nitrogen concentrator, and multi-step switch.

The Complete O2MT Package includes the EWOTpro Bag, O2MT Bag, bungees to hang the bags, refurbished specialty oxygen/nitrogen concentrator, mask, tubing, multi-step switch, pulse oximeter, and syringe to fill the mask.

Warranties: 1 year on bags and switch, 3 years on M10 concentrator

Return Policy: non-returnable if used due to sanitary conditions.

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