Promolife Hydrogen Water Generator

Manufacturer: Promolife

The Promolife Hydrogen water generator is a great way to add the benefits of antioxidant-rich water to your daily health regimen.

Hydrogen is one of the most powerful antioxidants available. Some studies have shown that hydrogen may decrease the effects of oxidative stress, reduce inflammation, and possibly boost athletic performance by lowering levels of blood lactate. The hydrogen molecule is so small that it can penetrate the blood-brain barrier.

The Promolife Hydrogen Water Generator produces hydrogen saturation in the water from 2.5ppm to 3ppm.

When hydrogen is produced, the unique double-walled water reservoir traps the hydrogen under pressure, which ultimately forces more hydrogen into the water.

This is a convenient water tumbler that holds up to 15 ounces of water and is completely portable. Whether you want to drink hydrogen-rich water at work, at the gym, or when you travel, the opportunities are endless.



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