MD Buddy 2 x 4 Commercial Sit-up Mat (Leather-Like)

Price: $59.99

Manufacturer: MD Buddy

MD Buddy 2' x 4' Commercial Non-Folding Sit-up Mat (Leather-Like)

Nothing ruins the beauty of a hardwood floor like trying to exercise on it. Fortunately, there’s something that conveniently comes between your workout and multiple-joint soreness and injuries.

The MD Buddy 2 x 4 Commercial Sit-up Mat takes the pain out of your home gym floor workouts with 1” thick foam, go-anywhere portability and a sweat-proof, leather-like surface. It’s perfect pain protection for all your crunches, stretches, core exercises, push-ups, gymnastics tumbling, martial arts, or other light-impact fitness activities.

The Dense foam pad has your back as well as your wrists, elbows, hips, knees, ankles, and other sensitive joints. A waterproof vinyl gives this mat the attractive look of black leather plus the also-admirable ability to shed as much sweat as you can work up.

For a mat with so much to offer, it’s surprisingly lightweight. It features a convenient carry handle, so you can take your workout wherever you feel comfortable. And you’ll feel comfortable wherever you work out on it.

Box Dimensions:

2' x 4' x 2'' - 5lbs


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