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Powertec Workbench Lat Tower Option

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Manufacturer: Powertec

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In continuing with our hard-won reputation, Powertec continues to develop and improve on our equipment. The Lat Tower Option features; precise gliding and smooth operation, the system features spring stoppers designed to stop the weight carriage from traveling to undesirable distances.

The Lat Tower Option is a hybrid system that can be used with the optional selector weight stack set or with your existing olympic weight plates. The total Weight capacity is 500 lbs. The Lat Tower Option will connect to: WB-PR, WB-HR, and WB-RS and compliments your home gym equipment as it expands and adds a wide variety of exercises.

* Connecting to the WB-HR and WB-RS will require an additional connector (sold separately).

The lat machine carriage incorporates industrial nylon bushings that ride on two polished steel guide rods providing an extremely smooth and quiet ride. Cables are aircraft-rated and pulleys are nylon reinforced and bearing driven.

Equipment / Exercise Matrix

Bent Over Row

Upright Row

Bicep Curls

One Arm Row

Close Grip Lat Pulldown

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

Single Arm Low Cable


Low Cable Straight Bar


Standing Front Lat Pulldown

Triceps Pushdown

Overhead Triceps Extension

Low Cable Triceps Kick

How to Low Wood Chops

Low to High Wood Chops

Overhead Bicep Curl


L 40.9'' x W 25.0 x H 81.7''

Weight capacity (lb):

Carriage - 500

Note: Capacities are fully tested to a reasonable load rate.

The 2016 model has a matte black finish.

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