Adjustable Wall Or Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar

Price: $109.99

Manufacturer: Bells of Steel

This highly adjustable wall mounted pull up bar will fit even the strangest space requirements.

With a 330lb weight capacity for even the biggest titans.
The Bells of Steel wall mounted pull up bar can also be mounted on the ceiling for a vertical drop as well as directly to your wall and includes mounting hardware.

Our latest model includes 2 bar placement options, so you can adjust to your exact space needs as well as bare steel pull up bar,
which is considered the king of finishes both for grip and preventing callous tears.

In addition, you get 2 eyelet anchors, perfect for mounting our pulley attachment or other accessories too. Measurements: 53 inches wide, 33 1/2 inches from the wall, 31 inches high.

Lifetime warranty* on structural welds. Bells of Steel is not responsible for the integrity of the installation. Seek advice from the appropriate professionals as
to the structural strength of the wall you are assembling to. Failure to install correctly could result in injury!

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