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Spin doctor Physio ball

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Manufacturer: Great Life Fitness

How can Spin doctor Physio ball can  help me?
Spin doctor Physio ball is a non-impact rehabilitation tool which promotes extensive blood flow through the shoulder, arm, wrist, hand and fingers. Its resistance is 100% progressive and 100% silky smooth, helping to ensure that damaged tissue, inflamed joints and healing bones are gently and uniformly rehabilitated without risk of stress.
Spin doctor Physio ball is a totally unique product which promises much but delivers far more. Painful RSI. Numb fingers & hands from the onset of Carpal Tunnel. Epicondylitis. Tight forearm muscles in the morning because of scar tissue and restricted bloodflow. Sharp pains in the wrist joint as you type. Broken arm. Fractured wrist. Poor grip. Tennis Elbow. Shoulder injury. Bursitis. Just a selection, in fact, of the many conditions and ailments suffered by some of our customers before they purchased their own Spin doctor.

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