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Bodyguard U-75 Upright Bike

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The Just Go program allows you to easily start a manual exercise simply by pedaling or by pressing the JUSTGO key. You have total control of the resistance at all times during this program. Use the Just Go program if you like to exercise at fairly constant resistance with little or no changes during the exercise.



The Manual program allows you to preset your workout goal/s before commencing a workout in which the resistance is completely controlled by the user at all times. The Just Go and Manual programs are very similar, the main difference is that in the Manual Program, users must select their exercise duration and the display will show the workout time remaining throughout the exercise.



The Calorie Goal Program allows the user to select a predetermined quantity of calories they wish to burn during the workout. At any time during the program the resistance may be manually changed which will modify the length of time it will take to burn the target calories and achieve the goal. Also, manually modifying the resistance will change the entire profile for the remainder of the program. The program ends when the calorie goal is achieved.



The Distance Goal Program allows the user to select a predetermined distance they wish to cover during their workout. At any time during the program the resistance may be manually changed which will modify the length of time it will take to achieve the goal. Also, manually modifying the resistance will change the entire profile for the remainder of the program. The program ends when the distance goal is achieved.



The Cross-Country Program is a distance based program that simulates an elliptical ride through a range of hills of low to mid intensity. The principle difference with the Cross-Country Program is the length of the intensity periods is longer than that of an interval program so as to replicate riding long gradual climbs. This type of workout is a great blend of aerobic exercise and strength training. Users may select from a range of levels, which will gradually increase the gradient of the hills.



Interval Training has many benefits such as increasing the metabolism, which results in more calories being burned all day long, as well as increasing average exercise speed, making it a great way to increase average pace and improve race times. The Interval Program allows users to alternate their workout intensity between high-intensity “work” periods and preset low- intensity “rest” periods. The Interval Program allows you to select from 3 Work-Rest Ratios and a range of Work and Rest Intensity levels. Users can change the level of intensity of the profile at any time during the workout by pressing the INCREASE/DECREASE keys and those changes will stay in effect for the remainder of the workout.



The Random Program is all about providing exercise variety. Each time this program is selected, a unique exercise experience is provided from a bank of over 4 billion pre-programmed workouts. Each workout gives you access to a randomly pre-programmed watts levels profile that will vary throughout the workout. During the program, users can manually change the watts level any time.



The Goodbye Fat program is designed to burn off the fat stored in your body. It promotes weight loss by keeping you in a comfortable zone that draws on energy directly from the areas of your body where fat is. The program features a resistance profile that is relatively easier than other programs, but effective in promoting weight loss when followed for a long period of time. This program features up to 20 different WATTS values per segment. A flashing dot indicates your position throughout the exercise. You may change the resistance of a segment at any time by pressing the INCREASE/DECREASE SEGMENT keys because this program features a range of 20 resistance values per segment. You may change the level of difficulty at any time using the INCREASE/DECREASE LEVEL keys.



The Track Program simulates training on a 1/4 mile-long (approx. 400 meter) track. Users may select between one (1) and 99 laps while controlling the resistance from beginning to end as the program does not have a predetermined profile. The Track Program appears on-screen as an oval track showing the user’s progress around the circuit.



The Heart Rate Control Program allows a user to workout at the exact intensity level they desire by exercising at a predetermined heart rate level. This reduces the risk of overtraining, which can cause injuries, exhaustion or even burnout and under training, which can be ineffective and have the user seeing little to no results. Before starting the program, users will need to enter their age (if no User ID is selected) and the desired percentage of their maximum possible heart rate (50- 89%), they wish to work out at. The computer will then calculate the recommended target heart rate value, which may be altered before starting. The program starts in a warm up mode that will gradually bring the user’s heart rate up to 80% of their Target Heart rate and which point the program will start. At that point the resistance of the elliptical automatically adjusts to provide the necessary intensity to reach and maintain the target heart rate.

NOTE – This program requires the user wearing a wireless chest strap but the user can also use the hand grips but it must them continuously the ensure proper a functioning. This strap is available at authorized Bodyguard Fitness dealers or from Bodyguard Fitness’ Customer Service Department (888-407-3784).



The Heart Rate Interval Program combines the benefits of interval training with the accuracy of heart rate training. This combination makes the Heart Rate Interval Program one of the most effective ways to increase metabolism, burn fat, increase average pace and naturally produce human growth hormones. During the Heart Rate Interval Program the computer will automatically alternate between two heart rate % targets selected by the user. The possible values are between 55% and 85% of the user’s maximum heart rate. Once a heart rate target is reached the intensity is maintained for the duration of the interval time before alternating to the other target.



The Fitness Test is a custom-made submaximal test designed to measure cardio-respiratory fitness. Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2Max) is defined as the maximum volume of oxygen that can be taken up, distributed and used by the body during physical activity. Testing one’s VO2Max allows users to evaluate their fitness level and select the appropriate exercise program and intensity levels.

For the submaximal test, the user is challenged to reach 85%-10BPM of their maximum heart rate through gradual increases in resistance while pedaling at 70rpm. Once the 85%-10BPM maximum heart rate threshold is reached the program will automatically stop and the computer will extrapolate the user’s VO2Max. In order to obtain a more accurate reading it is very important to maintain a rotational speed of 70rpm.

NOTE – For this program, users must wear the heart rate chest strap or user must hold continuously the hand grips. Cardio- respiratory fitness is a combination of cardiovascular fitness and respiratory fitness. Always keep in mind that this test is submaximal, so the results are only to be used as a guide.



The Advanced Hills Program is excellent for developing leg strength and endurance by allowing users to choose from a wide range of hill simulations at varying intensities. Users may choose up to 10 hills per program and select from an intensity range of 6% to 18%. The program is distance based and resistance changes are made automatically. Users may change the intensity during the exercise if they find it too easy or too difficult.



The Race Program is a distance based race simulation that pits the user against 1 or 2 competitors. The racing speed of the competitor/s is determined by a formula/s based on past and current race speeds. The Race program is a fun way to inject some competition into your workout. The resistance may be manually modified at any time throughout the program.



The Beat My Race program is a track-based program that takes a User’s best average race speed from the Race program and then allows the user to race themselves on a 1/4 mile-long (approx. 400 meter) track. This is a great motivational tool as it inspires the user to improve their times and always improve. The resistance may be manually modified at any time throughout the program.



The Target Watts program is an excellent way to guarantee that you always work out and a desired wattage level. Like Heart Rate Control Training, Target Watts training is a great way to ensure that you do not over train or under train however it uses wattage instead of heart rate to control the resistance and therefore does not require a chest strap or to hold constantly onto the heart rate grips. The Target Watts program is often referred to as an “Anti-Cheat” Program because if a user sets a wattage reading but then gets tired or lazy and slows their rpm’s then the resistance will increase to ensure the correct wattage is reached.



The Custom programs are pre-designed programs created by a user.



The Memory programs allow the user to retrieve previously completed workouts that have been saved. At the end of each workout, the computer asks whether to save the completed exercise or not. All the programs, with the exception of the Track Program, Race, Beat my Race and Fitness Test can be saved.





There are 3 different PROGRAM MODES that the Bodyguard U-75 upright bike uses. Each program is automatically assigned one of these modes.




In CONSTANT TORQUE mode, the elliptical will apply a fixed level of resistance no matter the speed being pedaled. There are 20 possible levels of resistance used in CONSTANT TORQUE mode. Each level can be thought of as a level of gradient on a hill. The higher the level, the steeper the gradient. If you pedal faster, you simply go up the hill quicker and increase your wattage (effort), if you pedal slower, you take longer to climb the hill and reduce your wattage (effort).




In CONSTANT WATTS mode, the resistance will be automatically adjusted each second to make sure the watts level remains constant. There are 20 possible levels of resistance used in CONSTANT WATTS mode. Each level can be thought of as a set level of effort you wish to exert. The higher the level, the greater amount of effort. If you pedal faster, the resistance will be reduced so you remain at the designated effort level. If you pedal slower, the resistance will then be increased. Unlike in CONSTANT TORQUE mode you cannot exert more wattage by simply pedaling faster, you would need to manually increase your designated level during the workout by pressing the INCREASE keys to do so. Constant Watts programs are a great way to ensure you do not over-train or under train.




In GEAR RATIO mode, the resistance is engineered to simulate a bicycle with 20 gears and 26 inch (66 cm) wheels. GEAR 1 is the easiest (or slowest) and GEAR 20 is the most difficult (or fastest). The higher the selected Gear the faster you travel over a distance. Gears can be changed at anytime during your workout by pressing the Gear INCREASE and DECREASE keys.



U-75 General Specifications




Safety & Comfort




Quick-Tilt Console



Ergonomic (Reinforced)

Seat Adjustments


Elbow Rests




Mechanical Features



Steel with Rust Resistant Powder Coating


Cast Iron

Flywheel Weight

18 lbs / 8 kg


Industrial Double Sealed Bearings

Resistance Type




Technical Features


Unit Power



Blue L.C.D.

Display Feedback

Average Speed, Calories, Calories/Hour, Distance, Elapsed Time, Goal %, Heart Rate, Maximum Heart Rate %, METS, Pace, RPM’s, Speed, Target BPM, Target Remaining, Time In Zone, Watts

Quick Keys

Program Categories & 2 Preset Segments

User ID’s



16 Preset, 8 Custom, 8 Memory

Heart Rate Control

Target & Interval

Resistance Levels


Contact Heart Rate


Wireless Heart Rate

Yes (Compatible 5 kHz Chest Strap required)



Weights & Dimensions


User Weight Capacity

400 lbs / 180 kg

Product Weight

141 lbs / 64 kg

Box Weight

159 lbs / 72 kg

Product Dims. (L x W X H)

50” x 26” x 59” / 127 x 65 x 150 cm

Box Dims. (L x W X H)

51” x 14” x 36” / 130 x 36 x 92 cm


Residential & Commercial  Warranty*



 1 Year


  1 Year


  1 Year

Warranty detail not available.

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