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Manta Ray Squat Bar Attachment Pad for Neck Comfort and Protection

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Transfers weight across your trapezius muscles eliminating neck pain and allowing you to focus on the movement

Manta-Ray Squat Attachment

Maximum growth in your upper and lower body, ask any trainer, the Squat is 'The King of Exercises'.

It’s true, those nice comfortable machines work the legs, but for that anabolic edge, all the experts agree that the Squat is capable of inducing more and faster muscle growth than any other exercise.

Manta Ray is the most significant advancement in freeweight training in 75 years.

It’s a semi-rigid device that snaps onto any bar and helps you achieve the full advantage of performing the high bar Squat with the proper upright posture and without the discomfort.

Manta Ray’s superior load distribution principle transfers the weight across your Trapezius muscles, eliminating neck pain and allowing you to focus on the movement.

Great for Lunges too. So stop swearing your way through Squats. Worse yet—avoiding them all together.

Manta Ray’s unparalleled design fits any physique, any bar, any gym bag.




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Recent Reviews | Uncensored Total: 2

If you know about the manta ray-you know

Date: December 28, 2021By: CamFrom: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The best way to do squats. Not a bulky pad. The manta keeps weight close to body and in perfect position.

Squatters Beware - Do NOT squat without Manta Ray!

Date: January 11, 2017By: GDFrom: Surrey, BC, Canada

Talk about bumping into a seemingly simple item that has a day-and-night effect in your workout routine. Recently I walked into Great Life Fitness store and saw a blue, manta ray looking thing attached to an Olympic bar that was sitting on a Powertec rack cage. At first I was dismissive as it looked fragile “plastic”, but after taking a close look, removed it from the bar and feeling it in my hands, I could tell that it was a solid piece of equipment. I asked the store employee if I could try it out and he happily accommodated me by adding 90lbs plates on the bar. The bar itself was 45lbs so the total weight of the load was 135lbs. It is the same weight I used to do my squats with but I had stopped squatting quite some time ago due to a load being too strenuous on my neck and shoulders, not to mention various extra efforts I had to exert to keep the bar from rolling down my back or tip me forward. I even used to wrap the center of the bar with a rug piece and duct taped it to keep it in place, but it still was not providing enough padding I needed. As a result, the next thing I knew was that a squatting with heavy weight had been eliminated from my work out routine.

However, with this attachment snapped to the middle of the bar, boy it was HUGE difference! I was able to do 12 squats on the spot and it was unbelievable as I had not done any squatting for a long time! I bought it right away and the squatting is back in my workout regimen since then. I wish I had discovered it sooner.

So, if you are considering to do a squatting, but the fear of various possible risks of handling the bar and the load is keeping you from doing it, the Manta Ray is a MUST item you should have. If any of your friends or family are fitness oriented, then it will be a great gift item too. I will HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of squatting, but is distanced away from doing so for one reason or another. Go and grab one and you will not be disappointed.

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