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Twist It & Rip It: NÜOBELL 580 Adjustable Dumbbells 

Easy to use, Economical, and Safe With a Great Workout Feel. Sound Like the Kind of Adjustable Dumbbell You’d Like to Pick up?  

The NÜOBELL 580 Adjustable Dumbbell hits on all four cylinders with: 

  • Cutting-edge adjustment mechanics 
  • A compact design at a great price 
  • User-inspired safety features 
  • Adjustable dumbbell convenience with a traditional dumbbell feel 


Innovative Weight Selection Technology 

The NÜOBELL 580 features two 2.5 LB and seven 5 LB steel weight plates per side. When it rests in its cradle, two pins release its twisting mechanism. This allows you to select your desired lifting weight - between five and 80 LB – with a few quick twists of its handle. Twist the handle in the (+) direction and a strong central rod moves outward to pick up extra plates. Twist in the (-) direction and leave plates behind.   


Compact and Economical Home Gym Equipment 

NÜOBELL 580 adjustable dumbbells save more than your time. With a total length of only 16” and a diameter of just over 7”, one pair of 580's replaces 16 pairs of traditional dumbbells. And when you compare their price to adjustable dumbbells of comparable quality and functionality, you’ll see a cost saving as well. 


Designed with your safety in mind 

All NÜOBELL weight plates are machined to interlock tightly at the top and bottom. Held firm by a sturdy center pin, your dumbbell plates will scarcely rattle, let alone spill. They can only be loosened in the cradle, where two pins enter two slots on your dumbbell to free the adjustment handle. The handle will never twist when your handle is free of the cradle. So there’s no chance of accidentally releasing any weight plates while you're lifting. 

The only thing you need to concentrate on – besides your form – is not dropping your weights. The adjustment mechanism is intricate and may be damaged by the impact of a drop. Your floors will likewise thank you for being careful. 


A Real Dumbbell Feel 

The NÜOBELL provides both the advantages of an adjustable dumbbell and the feel of a traditional dumbbell. Unlike many competitor products, 580's feature weight plates with a rounded "pancake" shape. The central rod supporting these plates never pokes out beyond them. It stops flush with your outermost plate, leaving a smooth surface you can comfortably balance on your lap between sets. Because the rod adds plates while spiraling outward, you won't see the gaps common to other selectorized dumbbells. The 580's weight is concentrated on either end, giving you the solid feel of a regular dumbbell. 

Some other dumbbells are built around their handles, limiting your ability to pick them up. The NÜOBELL’s handle is designed to be open like that of a traditional dumbbell, so you can reach it from any angle. When you grab that handle, you’ll be pleased to notice another regular dumbbell feature – knurling. You’ll appreciate that non-slip grip when you’re sweating out your reps. 

NÜO is a Swedish brand with R&D in the legendary town in Huskvarna, Sweden. NÜOBELL was invented in 2019 and is an updated version from the earlier model Flexbell, founded in 2013.

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