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If you are unable to pay for your fitness equipment upfront, leasing it may be a best option to consider. Lease Link Canada Corp. is a 100% Canadian owned and operated Financial Services Company providing equipment lease financing and asset management services to a wide variety of industries. Our asset ranges are equally as wide, leasing new, used and non-conventional assets. Check out for more information.

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Did You Know About These 4 Rowing Machine Benefits?

Date Posted: 2019-12-09

When your doctor said a small lifestyle change could be a big cardiac win, he definitely meant kick-starting the procrastinated morning runs.

But, is that enough to drive your cardiac problems away? Many doctors believe exercises are the holy grail of fitness, and they couldn’t be more right! However, not all machines are meant to max out your cardio workouts. If you’re looking at a real fat-burner, rowing machines will be a perfect workout buddy for you.

Wondering why? Let us tell you what happens to your body when you start breaking a sweat on the row-

• You burn calories left and right- If you’ve been struggling with weight loss and cardiac issues at the same time, there couldn’t have been a better machine designed to cater to both of your fitness goals. All you really need is a 10-15 minute session on the row machine.

• An all-inclusive workout module- Nothing says comprehensive workouts better than a rowing machine. While most of the machines focus on lower-body workout, a classic example being the treadmill, the rowing machine incorporates both upper and lower body giving you an even workout opportunity.

• You lose fat and gain mass- Most of the time, when you say weight loss, you actually mean fat loss without compromising on muscle strength and that is exactly what we had in mind when we recommended the rowing machine for a workout. Not only do you shed the extra pounds, but you strengthen your muscles in the bargain too.

• You boost your muscle endurance in the process- Working out on the rowing machine can significantly boost your muscle endurance and that’s exactly what you need to build your muscle mass and convert yourself from fat to fit.

Exercises can be liberating. Imagine yourself gearing up for the day as you break an early morning sweat that changes your mood for the day completely. We are not just talking about rowing machines in Canada but working out in general, and if you don’t find the time to make it to the gym, we have some great budget buys in store for you.

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Why Is Physical Fitness Necessary For Older Adults?

Date Posted: 2019-12-09

As you grow older, health concerns, like body aches and stiffness in joints, start surrounding you. Either you can overcome or let them take over you completely.

Staying active is the only solution when you don’t want to surrender yourself to multiple health problems. With home fitness equipment you can exercise whenever you find some time at home, instead of hitting the gym. Here are five benefits that explain why regular exercise is important at an older age!

Maintains Health - Metabolism slows down naturally with age, due to which maintaining a healthy BMI becomes a challenge. Regular physical activities increase metabolism and help you burn more calories.

Keeps Illness At Bay - Digestive functions and immune system improve when you perform some kind of physical activity. Regular exercise even lowers risks of Alzheimer’s, increases bone density, and regulates better blood circulation. Also, it keeps problems like obesity, chronic disease, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and more away from you.

Improves Flexibility and Mobility - Aging causes stiffness due to which posture changes when we walk or sit. A daily fitness routine enhances strength and flexibility and ultimately, improves coordination, balance, and lowers the risk of falling.

Enhances Sleep - Older people often complain about sleep irregularities. After bringing exercise in daily routine, people fall asleep quickly and experience deeper sleep for a longer time. Not only this, they wake up feeling refreshed and energetic.  

Boosts Memory - Excercise improves brain function and enhances memory power. Also, it relieves stress, and the release of endorphins during exercise takes away the feeling of depression, anxiety, or sadness. When you stay active, you naturally feel more confident.

The beginning of any exercise could be challenging, especially when you are getting old. Therefore, get into the habit of physical training slowly at first, then take the help of fitness equipment. When you want to buy the best home fitness equipment, explore the catalog of GreatLifeFitness. Here, you will find everything that you need to stay in good shape and health.

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Top Fat-Burning Exercises to Help You Lose Belly Fat

Date Posted: 2019-12-05

A flat belly is often considered a sign of good health and fit body. Besides that, a person with a toned stomach is looked up as strong and a potential mating partner for healthy children.

However, getting a flat stomach is no easy feat. Apart from eating clean food and keeping calorie intake in check, you also need to exercise to burn extra calories and lose your overall body fat because spot reduction is a myth.
If you are trying to get rid of your stubborn belly fat, here are the top exercises that you should perform:

Losing overall body fat requires exercises that involve as many muscles as possible. And burpee is the top pick for fitness trainer when it comes to doing that. To perform a burpee, begin from a push-up position to a jump and return to the initial position. 10 fast-paced reps of burpee burn more calories than a 30-seconds sprint at 90% heart rate.

Mountain climber
Mountain climber is often considered a moving plank. To perform this exercise, all you need to do is get into a push-up position and draw your knees into your chest, contracting your core as if you are doing a mini crunch. This move burns more calories because your core has to work a lot when you lift one foot to bring it closer to the chest.

Elliptical bike
Gone are the days when the treadmill was the only cardio equipment to burn fat. Today, Spirit Fitness Elliptical machines have gained enormous popularity in a short span because of the results they offer. Compared to a treadmill, they are gentler and involve more muscles, enabling you to burn more calories. Also, they are believed to boost your endurance and improve overall fitness. If you like to exercise at home, buying Spirit Fitness Elliptical bike can be a good move.

Kettlebell swing
The kettlebell swing is one of the best moves that engage most muscles — glutes, calves, thighs, core, shoulders, arms, back, and whatnot. To perform a swing, you bend at the hip while keeping the back straight and grab a kettlebell from both hands at arm's length down. Now move the weight to your shoulder’s height, engaging your glutes and shoulder muscles.

Bottom line
Getting rid of belly fat can take months. The key is to be consistent with your diet and exercise regime to see results quickly.

If you are looking for fitness equipment for your home or gym, we have a wide range of premium fitness gear, including Spirit Fitness Elliptical machines, kettlebells, and more. Make sure you check out our store today.

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An Equipment Mat Is A Must For Machines Like Treadmills, Cross Trainers, Etc

Date Posted: 2019-12-05

When people think of buying a fitness machine or equipment for working out at home, they visit multiple fitness stores; browse through many online fitness websites and after finding the best deal available, they make the much-awaited purchase.

They have decided beforehand where they’re going to place the equipment, how much time they’re going to spend on it, what diet they’re going to follow and everything else related to their fitness goals.
What they seldom remember to buy along with their equipment is a mat. We’ve all seen yoga mats or exercise mats and chances are we might have done some yoga poses or exercises on such mats. Those mats serve a purpose: they protect your skin and bones from tough surfaces and stop you from slipping while doing difficult poses.

While those mats do their specific jobs, equipment mats serve their distinct functions. When fitness enthusiasts buy fitness equipment in Manitoba, they should make sure that they have a mat to place underneath the machine. An equipment mat will protect the flooring of your house, which you might not have taken into account when buying your elliptical or treadmill. It is very much likely that using such a heavy machine will cause scratches or wear away the surface underneath it.

If you’re using an elliptical trainer, the vibrations created through repeated movements result in a lot of noise. You’ll notice that when a person weighing about 200 pounds uses the machine, it produces even more noise. You can virtually eliminate all the noise by placing an equipment mat under your fitness machine. All the vibrations will get absorbed into the soft surface, leading to a more enjoyable workout experience.

A good quality equipment mat made out of pure closed-cell PVC foam will help you comfortably get off the machine without any risk of slipping. Often users lose their footing when dismounting their cross-trainer. The padded surface will also make sure your machine is rock solid and doesn’t move one bit. Stabilized equipment will give you a sense of safety while you work hard at it.

Another amazing benefit of buying an equipment mat is that it extends your equipment’s life. It does this by preventing carpet fibers and dust from making their way into moving parts of the machine. It also takes care of the imbalance caused due to friction. Your equipment such as a cross trainer can become ineffective after a point of time as an imbalance caused due to friction will make its components lose their proper alignment.

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