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Sciatic cure (sort of:-) with wonderful inversion table

Review for Progression Inversion Table 75303

Date: March 8, 2021By: Chris BoucherFrom: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

I've been dealing with a squashed disk for some time now and when I finally decided to pick up an inversion table, I hated the idea of buying one online and waiting days to weeks to receive it. So after a quick Google search I found my local Great Life Fitness store and headed down to get one same day. Cost about the same as online but was better quality and had the additional feature of a break leaver so you can set the angle you want to stay at.

The employees where nice as well as helpful and we all shared a laughs as I strapped the big box to the top of my 2 door car.

I don't use it as much as I should but when the pain gets bad enough, I flip upside down in this little beauty and I'm rite as rain (for a while) I may never be cured permanently of my back pain but the relieve this provides me was well worth the money.