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Decent product

Date: June 27, 2021By: BarryFrom: Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

I purchased these because I could not find any bow flex 1090 anywhere due to covid. They are a decent product so far.
My only complaints are the grips are not very comfortable and the rubber grips on the bow flex model is way more comfortable.
The dials on the sides work but again don’t function as smoothly as the bow flex models.
I also bought the stand and quickly realized you must set it up so the dumbbells sit in the cradle perfectly level which means screwing the feet in the rear to the lowest position and the feet in the front at their highest setting. If you don’t do this it can be difficult to put the dumbbells back on the stand between sets and leveling the stands makes it slightly easier to adjust the weight dials

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Great service

Review for Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym

Date: June 27, 2021By: Julia RowbottomFrom: Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada

Great service, fast shipping, would definitely purchase from again

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Great dumbells


Date: June 27, 2021By: James MoffatFrom: Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Went in when you couldn't find dumbbells anywhere. Rick and Michelle somehow had them in stock. Great quality dumbbells.

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Outstanding product and support

Review for Powertec Workbench Power Rack

Date: June 27, 2021By: Mike GordonFrom: Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada

Rick and Michelle run a top notch fitness supply store in Surrey, BC. Because of COVID, I decided to set up a home gym. I approached Rick, who I know has been a leader in the fitness industry for over 35 years. He helped me set up a commercial grade home gym that will last forever. His experience, understanding and sincere care for customer satisfaction is truly remarkable. Every piece I purchased was done so with his support and understanding of my needs. If you want to purchase high end fitness equipment at a great price, talk to Rick!

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Love it

Review for Exercise Ball Rack

Date: June 26, 2021By: Heidi PenroseFrom: Innisfil, Ontario, Canada

Easy to put together, very sturdy and classy. Excellent space saver :)

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Great customer service

Review for Spirit XBR55 Recumbent Bike

Date: June 16, 2021By: Jean SungFrom: Delta, British Columbia, Canada

Both the shop owners and the delivery/installation crew were amazingly kind and patient with us. They answered all my questions through shitty reception service on my way home from work and stayed patient throughout it all! The delivery service was exceptional as well; very efficient and quick delivery. Also put the bike together super fast (and with lots of humour). Would definitely recommend to friends if they needed any fitness equipment for personal or commercial use. Thank you guys!

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Excellent Serevice

Review for SDH Dumbbell Handle - 34mm Contour

Date: June 9, 2021By: Harley KFrom: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

I found the service to be exceptional, quick, responsive, and honest. The product was reasonably priced!

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Wooden Balance

Review for Vo3 Wood Balance Board

Date: June 6, 2021By: Ray VillanuevaFrom: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

I was at the store a couple of weeks ago and inquired about boards. They did not have them in stock but she said they are expecting a delivery in a couple weeks. Weeks have gone by and got a call in today saying the wooden board is in if i am still interested. Love the fact they followed up on their service and buying the board.

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Love this place


Date: June 4, 2021By: Akariti SinghFrom: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

I been going to this fitness store from years I always get wat I need for my daily fitness routine. Thank you

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Good service


Date: May 31, 2021By: Chris AndersonFrom: Delta, British Columbia, Canada

Received good, friendly, quick and knowledgeable service when I purchased my spin bike.
Great experience!

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